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The "Speciales Royales"

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The Speciale Royale is an exceptional product which we are particularly proud. Cultured at a very low density in the claire where it stays for four to eight months (from November to April), it grows forming characteristic coruscated growth line on it shell.
During its time in the claire, the oyster produces a firm, abundant flesh with the notabled flavour of the area, long on the palate.
It is the oyster of grand occasions.

The "Speciales"

This is an oyster specially selected before finishing for its regular shape, its roundness and depth. A deeper concavity in the shelle shows a larger quantity of flesh.
On tasting, the Speciale is distinct by a firmer texture to the flesh, the volume in the mouth and a remarkable balance of sweetness and salt.
These oysters are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds where the acquire a quality wich is clearly superior to those from the open sea.

• Consistent shape • Large quantity of flesh
• Agreeable marine odour • Finished taste
• Firm consistency • Sweetness predominant over saltiness
• Long on the palate

Lovers of meaty oysters with a pronounced flavour, longer on the palate.

The "Fines de Claire"

The Fine de Claire is for these who prefer a less fleshy oyster.
These oysters are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds where the acquire a superior quality shell to oysters grown in the open sea.
It is during this process that the Claires of Marennes Oleron basin impart the subtleties of regional flavours. This oyster is particularly apprecieated by the consumer who prefers an oyster rich in water and balanced in flavour.

• Agreeable marine odour • Finishe taste
• Short duration on the palate • Taste with good salt balance
• Less fleshy, translucent mantle • Uniform shape

Lovers of less fleshy, more juicy oysters with a refined taste.

The "Clams"

These shellfish, from american origin, are appreciated for it firm texture of flesh and it parfum.
It can be eat raw, cooked, boilet or fried.

The "Palourdes"

Excellent shellfish for the health, the Palourde is a low calorie food, source of proteines, zinc such as phosphore, selenium and vitamin B12.